5 Reasons Why Your Feet Deserve 5 Toe Socks: 

1. 血行を良くする - Improve blood circulation

2. 疲れにくい - Relieve foot stress & fatigue

3. マッサージ効果も - Massage therapy effect

4. 冷え性に - Natural cure for cold feet 

5. 蒸れ防止 - sweat free feet

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How We Started


"I LOVE (or maybe obsessed with) five toe socks and I cannot live without them - I suffered from sweaty cold feet my whole life until I had my first pair in 2009, I was blown away! This was life changing. I have been hooked since, and will never go back to traditional socks.

KissMyToes committed to 2 goals:

1. Providing you with the carefully curated and original 5 toe socks. Good health starts with adopting good habits into our lives. Our passion for great pairs of socks will continue to drive us into the future, to keep inspiring and spreading the benefits of five toe socks to every corner of the world.

2. Make the world a better place for animals. KissMyToes donates 2% of the sales to International Animal Rescue (www.internationalanimalrescue.org), helping to save animals from suffering around the world.

I know every pair counts and I strive to make your shopping experience as rewarding and fun as possible. Do subscribe for the updates, and get in touch with questions or requests! Toes Cheers, Mochi"

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